The Christian 
Postpartum eCourse

Exactly what every expectant mom needs to know how to do to heal naturally and thrive in postpartum

Audrey Roloff, Co-Star of TV Show, "Little People Big World", Co-Founder of AlwaysMore &

2. Redeeming Childbirth 

Physical Book

The best selling book on inviting God into pregnancy and birth. 

The Growth & Study Guide is a workbook companion for the book 
& includes a birth plan.

3. Birth Planning Guide

Jennifer Smith, Christian, Wife, 
Mom of 3, Best-Selling Author, Founder of

Angie Tolpin is a best-selling Christian author and has been married to Isaac for 18 years. She is a mom to seven children, speaker, coach, and birth doula. 

13 Encouraging and Practical Videos

Janae Ali, Gymnast, Mental toughness trainer for athletes, Mom of Five.

"Angie has been such a lifeline for me since having our first baby. 

The hospital gave me misguided advice that ended up killing my milk supply, Angie offered lots of suggestions in the form of nutrition and supplements that enabled me to get my milk back. 

I know everything she is suggesting is tried and true and she speaks from a place of experience, wisdom, and expertise! 

She is a well of knowledge when it comes to anything baby and postpartum."

"Angie helped me through my second and third pregnancies and deliveries. 

She has insight that has transformed my perspective of having a baby and how God created my body to labor and deliver a baby, as well as the healing process postpartum and nursing. 

Angie guided me on how to properly heal emotionally and physically postpartum in a healthy way. I am grateful for the passion she has to help women through the powerful seasons of carrying a baby, delivering, and postpartum.

 I am thrilled she created this postpartum course because I am confident it is going to be a huge blessing to mothers around the world!"

"I desired a daughter deeply, but couldn’t fathom physically going through another pregnancy, let alone postpartum. 

I had struggled with chronic mastitis in addition to all kinds of health issues during pregnancy. With Angie’s help, I surrendered to God’s plan and we now have two more babies--one being my daughter! 

I had three births previous to having Angie at my 4th and 5th, and what a difference she made as she brought the gentle but powerful beauty of Jesus through song, prayer, and Scripture reading. 

Wisdom from her book, Redeeming Childbirth, her love, and postpartum care for me and my babies, through gifts of healing supplies and prayer, were a memorable part of my birthing experience." 

What's in the eCourse

 You will be prepared to treat
postpartum discomforts


1. Postpartum eCourse with Workbook

  • Postpartum eCourse
  • $59
  • 13 Teaching Videos
  • Postpartum Workbook
  • Prayer Audios
  • Postpartum Planning Guide
  • Text Message Angie Questions
  • eCourse Bundle
  • Only $69
  • All Listed With Postpartum eCourse +
  • Redeeming Childbirth Physical Book
  • Birth Planning Guide
  • Scripture Cards
  • 2 Parenting Videos

New Mom Testimonial

What Comes In The Bundle

30 page PDF that goes with eCourse

Postpartum workbook, & forever access to eCourse

"When I found Angie’s book I prayed that it would be one that I could suggest to my clients and when I read it, it exceeded my expectations. Her book is chalk full of wise advice, suggestions, and encouragement. 

Angie also mentions the different fears a woman may have and has many practical tips about how to prepare the mind to deal with them.

Redeeming Childbirth has been a blessing to me and to many of the women that I serve. I honestly think every expectant mom should give this book a read."

---Jennifer Poehlke is a Christian, Pastors wife, mom of four, Certified Birth Doula.

Redeeming Childbirth Book Testimonial

Biblical encouragement & practical guidance

 13 videos on exactly what you need to know to avoid depression,  ensure milk supply, set intimacy expectations, avoid mastitis and other discomforts naturally

Wisdom Every Mom Needs

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Postpartum eCourse is only $59  
  • After birth cramps 
  • Breastfeeding & Mastitis
  • Hemorrhages & Anemia
  • Hemorroides
  • List of natural remedies

  • Intimacy & Expectations
  • Self-care & Nutrition
  • Baby blues & PP anxiety
  • PPD & PP psychosis
  • Prayer audios

  • 30 page workbook  
  • Forever access
  • Works on all devices
  • Ask questions via text msg
  • Self-paced & easy access

Experienced Mom Testimonials

4. Scripture Cards

For $10 more You 

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5. Two Parenting videos

+ Everything included with eCourse listed above